Value Provided by Web Designer

Value provided by a Web Designer

What can a web designer provide to a small business? How does a web designer show the value of a website to a business owner?

All of us might have clients, who do not completely realize the potential of having a great website along with great SEO. Some of them, even get a website build for namesake. I have personally discussed this with other web design companies in North America and the stories are plenty.

On my chat interview with the owner of Pulse Wave Media – A Calgary Web Design Company, I was told and I quote “ every client has a different budget and different expectation, some clients even want a single page $100 website, however the most important thing dealing with small businesses is to show them the value for the money. I usually explain the features that we provide to each client and how it can be useful to their website visitors”

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I cannot agree more with the PWM philosophy, sometimes, I have had clients who almost tripled their budget in order to accommodate features that would actually help their visitors once they came to know about this. One such example is a responsive or a mobile-friendly website. With over a 200 million smartphone users in the world today, a lot among them only use there smartphones to visit websites or find their nearest hair salon. As smartphones get smarter and more popular, having a mobile-friendly website becomes a must for every business.

A standard website difficult to navigate in a small phone screen and hence this is something that clients find real value in, as most of my clients themselves use a smartphone so they can truly relate.

Provide value to your clients and you can sell them a website that actually does what it is supposed to do.

Basic Requirements of Small Business Web Design

Most start-ups and small businesses want to have a website, to provide information about their services, products, location and contact. This is all they ever want especially if they are on a tight budget and don’t consider a website to be an essential marketing tool. Either one of the cases could be true here.

As a start-up or a small business with little money to spare for marketing, clients usually have budgets under $1000 for a website. However, what does the client actually need in their website?

A small business website usually has the following configuration –

–        Upto 5 pages including services and contact form

–        Previously used Logo or a new design

–        Typically a standard HTML website – Template/Custom Designed

–        Customized Contact Form

–        Basic Call to Action buttons

–        Clear display of services and contact information throughout the website

–        May or May not require a Content Management System

–        No custom designed graphics in the website

–        May or May not be Mobile friendly/Responsive

With the above config and budget, there is not much for a web designer to do. Designers typically provide 2 kinds of services in this case –

  1. Custom Designed HTML Website – Designed from scratch incorporating all the features of the config. NO Content Management System. May have a responsive design. No additional features or graphic designing.
  2. Template or WordPress Premium Theme Website – Most designers sell this as a custom website, however, in all such cases it is either an HTML template or a WP theme or a Wix Site. These sites incorporate all the features in the config as well and provide two main advantages – built-in CMS and Responsive Design, hence compensating for a standard design in a way.

These are the basic requirements and solutions for a small business website. This blog will be used to discuss a number of other factors that might impact a small business website design. We will talk about different kinds of small businesses, ecommerce start-ups and much more. Stay Tuned!